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Rachael Hawnt is a globally recognized singer-songwriter whose unique, emotive vocals and commanding stage presence have resonated with audiences worldwide. 

In addition to her success as a performer, Rachael has achieved notable milestones in her career. She emerged as the winner of the popular ITV show Starstruck, series one, and reached the final of BBC One's All Together Now. Her original music has been featured on BBC Radio 2, while her compositions have been used in multiple movie trailers. One of her tracks was also selected by Steve Backshall in his episode of Desert Island Discs on Radio 4.

Recently, Rachael had the privilege of co-writing and performing the title song for the award-winning computer game Bayonetta 3. The recording took place at the world-renowned Abbey Road Studios in London.

As well as 'Divalution', Rachael is currently captivating audiences with her 'So Cher' show, which is gaining rapid popularity on renowned cruise ships such as MSC and Celebrity.

Rachael's talent for performing is undeniable. Her powerful vocals, commanding stage presence, and humorous interactions with the crowd make her  a must-see performer!


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